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Heated Shirts

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When you work outdoors, you need to be ready for the toughest elements. Get the job done with Milwaukee® heated gear, including shirts. These heated shirts are engineered with intuitive technology to withstand subzero temperatures and resist wind and rain. The heated shirt line offers safety and comfort so you can work efficiently in any condition.

Construction Fasteners and Tools offers a wide range of products to ensure efficiency, convenience and safety for workers in construction and related industries.

Milwaukee® Rechargeable Heated Shirt Benefits

You can stay warm throughout your workday with a heated shirt as your base layer. The mid-weight material is flexible, comfortable and tough. REDLITHIUM™ USB battery technology powers the innovative carbon-fiber heating elements inside the shirt to keep you warm. Its light construction is ideal for layering while still delivering unsurpassed warmth and protection from the elements.

The heating elements positioned in the chest and back start working when you press the LED controller. The heated shirt also provides trusted, long-lasting performance with multiple special features.

  • Full-body warmth: Each shirt includes two heat zones, a double-lined polyester body and fleece-lined sleeves for added warmth.
  • Easy to maintain: Heated shirts are safe for washer and dryer use.
  • Rapid heating: Fast-heating technology quickly and efficiently warms your core.
  • Durability: These shirts offer lasting value for repeated use with premium materials and pilling-resistant fabric.
  • Customizable comfort: You can adjust to your preferred level of warmth with two different heat settings.
  • Long-lasting performance: The battery can run without charge for three hours to give you steady warmth. When you need to recharge, the included REDLITHIUM™ USB charger and portable power source make it easy.

Industry Uses for Milwaukee® Heated Shirts

Whatever job you're tackling, trust Milwaukee® heated shirts for the durability, performance and protection you need. Get heated shirts to stay warm for a variety of outdoor activities.

  • Construction: Workers spend a lot of time outside for various construction projects. They need heavy-duty clothing to protect them throughout the workday.
  • Carpentry: Carpenters who handle repairs and building projects can use heated shirts to keep them warm even in subzero temperatures.
  • Agriculture: Agricultural workers must care for livestock and maintain farmland and cold-weather crops during the winter months. The right heated gear can help them continue to work productively in cold weather.
  • Forestry: Many forestry workers must work throughout the winter months. Durable, warm clothing, including heated shirts, is crucial to successful and safe work.
  • Oil and gas extraction: Workers in the oil and gas industries continue projects during the winter and rely on durable, heated layers to staywarm.

Face the Elements With Milwaukee® Rechargeable Heated Shirts

Turn to Construction Fasteners and Tools for all your outdoor work needs. Whether you work in the construction industry or are handling a do-it-yourself (DIY) project in the elements, choose products from our selection to stay safe and comfortable.

If you have questions or want more information about what we have available, reach out to us online today.