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Milwaukee 2848-20 M18 Inflator (Tool Only)

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CAD $248.00
/ Each
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M18 Inflator (Tool Only)
M18 Inflator (Tool Only)
CAD $248.00 / Each


Our FASTEST 18V CORDLESS TIRE INFLATOR. The M18™ Inflator delivers fast, accurate, easy inflation with the portability to take anywhere. Optimized for passenger, light truck, and other medium-duty tires. Rated to deliver max 150PSI, the high efficiency motor tops-off 33” light truck tires in under 1 minute. The TrueFill™ Technology features an auto-pressure check that is designed to WAIT for the pressure to stabilize, CHECK the system pressure, and FILL until the desired target is reached. In addition, an Auto Shut-Off feature will stop inflation at selected PSI to prevent overinflation allowing users to set it & forget it. Furthermore, the unit includes 4 PSI memory slots, anti-vibration feet, a 36” inch hose with an all-brass Schrader chuck, and an on-board hose and nozzle storage.​


  • Fastest 18V Cordless Tire Inflator: Top off 33" Light Truck Tires in Under 1 Minute
  • Truefill™ Technology: Auto Pressure Check Feature Activates to Ensure PSI Target is Achieved, Automatic Shut- off at Selected PSI Prevents Overinflation
  • Tire Capacity: Premium Components and Unmatched Durability to Handle Tires Over 100 PSI, Rated for 150 PSI Max
  • Optimized for Passenger, Light Truck and Other Medium Duty Tires PSI Memory Preset: Save Your Most Used PSI Rating With Up to 4 PSI Slots
  • On-Board Hose & Nozzle Storage: Easily Store 36" Hose and Attachments
  • Accessories: Includes All Brass Schrader Chuck, Inflation Needle, Inflator Nozzle, & Presta Chuck
  • Anti-Vibration Feet: Minimize Tool Walk While in Use
  • Fits All M18™ Batteries
  • 5 Year Tool Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Max PSI Setting?

A: The M18™ Inflator can be set to a maximum PSI of 150

Q: What is the lowest PSI setting.

A: The M18™ Inflator can be set to 10 PSI at the lowest. For anything under 10 PSI, manually inflate the item using the manual inflate mode

Q: Does the Auto Pressure Check feature refill every time?

A: No, the auto pressure check feature can happen anywhere from 0-5 times. The Inflator will pause at the end of a fill for the pressure to stabilize and then check the system pressure.. After checking the system pressure, if the target PSI has not been reached, it will continue to inflate

Q: What is Duty Cycle?

A: Duty Cycle is the amount time an inflator can deliver pressurized air within a total cycle. A higher duty cycle allows an inflator to complete higher PSI applications. The M18™ Inflator’s Duty Cycle is 33% @ 80 PSI. After 20 minutes of continuous use allow the tool to cool down for 40 minutes.

Q: Why do some competitive units have higher max PSI?

A: Max PSI is the highest you can set the inflator to. This becomes irrelevant without a duty cycle to match

Q: Can you recalibrate the tool?

A: Yes, with nothing connected to the inflator, hold the – and the inflation button for 3 seconds to re-zero the pressure.

Q: Can you set a target pressure with the accessory nozzles?

A: Setting target pressure is not recommended when using the accessory nozzles

Q: Does the tool cool itself?

A: The tool’s cooling fan will run until the pump head cools or the tool is turned off.

Q: Does the tool turn itself off?

A: The tool will shut down after 5 minutes of inactivity

Q: Does the tool deflate

A: No, the tool does not deflate

Q: Is the hose replaceable

A: No, like the M12 the hose is fixed.

Q: Is the chuck replaceable

A: No, like the M12 the chuck is fixed

More Information
  • Brand: Milwaukee
  • Showroom Location: 5040501
  • Type: Tool Only
Shipping Info
  • Weight (LBS): 9.00
  • Shipping Length: 15.00
  • Shipping Width: 7.00
  • Shipping Height: 8.00
Product Codes
  • CF Product Code: MIL284820
  • Part Number: 2848-20
  • UPC: 045242616282

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