Milwaukee 222C-21M M12 Heated QUIETSHELL Jacket, Camo - M (Kit)

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Newly designed for 2018-2019 the QUIETSHELL Heated Jacket has never been better!


The carbon fibre heating elements now reach full heat output in 2.5 minutes and with extra insulation in the sleeves the cold has never been so bearable. Powered by the M12 2.0 Battery (Included!) stay warm for up to 8 hrs on a single charge!


  • Reach maximum heat output in 2.5 minutes
  • One-touch controller to select from 3 heat settings
  • 3 heat zones: Chest, back and Pockets
  • Additional insulation in sleeves
  • Stay quiet and unseen with Realtree Camo and QUIETSHELL Polyester
  • Washer/Dryer safe!
  • Abrasion resistant for 5x longer life then softshell jackets.
  • High-wear zones are reinforced for even longer life!
  • FREEFLEX mobility gussets allow for more freedom of movement without compromising durability
  • Resist wind and water, stay warm even exposed to the elements
  • Up to 8 hrs of runtime on a single M12 2.0 Battery charge
    • 8hrs Low
    • 5hrs Medium
    • 3hrs High


  • (1) - M12 Heated QUIETSHELL Jacket - Camo - M (222C-20M)
  • (1) - M12 REDLITHIUM 2.0 Compact Battery Pack (48-11-2420)
  • (1) - M12 Compact Charger & Power Source (48-59-1201)
  • (1) - Charging Cable & Plug (48-59-1202)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you turn heated gear on?

A: Press and hold the M12™ Button, Pockets Button, Dual Zone Button, or REDLITHIUM™ USB Button for 2 seconds to turn on. After the jacket is on, each press will change between High, Medium, and Low heat settings. To turn off, press and hold for 2 seconds.

Q: What do the button colors mean?

A: Red = High, White = Medium, Blue = Low

Q: Can you power M12™ Heated Jackets with an M18™ Battery?

A: Yes, all M12™ Heated Jackets are compatible with M18™ if the user purchases the accessory M18™ Power Source (49-24-2371)

Q: Where can I embroider M12™ Heated Gear?

A: Heated Gear products can safely be embroidered above the yoke seam and on the sleeves.

Q: What material is the Realtree Edge™ Heated Jacket made out of?

A: The M12™ Heated Jacket – Realtree Edge™ is made out of QUIETSHELL Polyester that allows users to move quietly in the woods.

More Information
  • Brand: Milwaukee
  • Color: Camo
  • Size: Medium
  • Style: Quietshell
  • Type: Kit
Shipping Info
  • Weight (LBS): 6.00
  • Shipping Length: 20.00
  • Shipping Width: 4.50
  • Shipping Height: 12.50
Product Codes
  • CF Product Code: MIL222C21M
  • Part Number: 222C-21M
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