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Shop Dekfast Screws

We sell Dekfast screws from SFS Group and stress plates in a variety of diameters, drives and lengths for your low-slope roof or deck installation. Roofers and contractors count on Dekfast fasteners for commercial roofing projects. Get the Dekfast fasteners and the other hardware you need at Construction Fasteners and Tools.

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What Are Dekfast Screws And Roofing Stress Plates?

At Construction Fasteners and Tools, we sell two types of Dekfast products for low-slope roof fastening:

  • Screws: Dekfast screws come in a wide range of materials, points, sizes and thread styles. They have designs meant specifically for fastening low-slope roofing and decks.
  • Stress plates: Also known as insulation plates, stress plates from Dekfast stabilize insulation during roofing installation.


Dekfast fasteners vary from the competition through features such as:

  • High standards: All applicable Dekfast products meet Factory Mutual (FM) 4470 standards.
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel: SFS manufactures Dekfast screws using corrosion-resistant materials such as 410 stainless steel. They produce their stress plates with Galvalume steel, another material for corrosion resistance in outdoor environments.
  • Dependable finishes: Many Dekfast fasteners feature an e-coating, an electrically applied paint coating. The specialized process behind e-coating allows for better protection against the elements.
  • Enhanced pull-out values: Dekfask screws have excellent pull-out values due to high thread-per-inch counts and smart drill point design.

Common Applications

The applications for a Dekfast screw or stress plate depends on the product's specifications. Pay close attention to these fasteners' features to figure out their suitability for your next job. In the realm of flat roof installation and repair, you can use Dekfast products for:

  • Insulation attachment to wood and steel decks
  • Membrane and insulation attachment for a variety of roof deck materials, including wood, steel and structural concrete
  • Purlin penetration in retrofit roofing systems
  • Nail board and insulation panel attachment to steel or wood roof decks

Dekfast Roofing Screws, Fasteners, and Stress Plates From Construction Fasteners and Tools

Shop our Dekfast screws and stress plates based on the following traits:

  • Diameter: Our Dekfast roofing screws come in number 12, 14 and 15 diameters. Dekfast insulation and membrane plates range in diameter from 2 inches to 3 inches.
  • Drive: Most of our Dekfast screws feature a Phillips drive, but some Dekfast products have a hex drive instead.
  • Length: The lengths of our Dekfast screws range from 1-1/4 inches to 16 inches.

Get Dekfast Screws and Other Fasteners Online

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