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  3. Milwaukee Brushless vs. FUEL Tools

    Milwaukee Brushless vs Brushed Power Tools

    When you hear the word "Milwaukee," undoubtedly you think of the rugged brand of power tools that many professional tradespeople depend upon. Milwaukee® Tool's power tools and top-quality line of accessories dominate the American residential and commercial construction market. You can expect nothing but the highest performance and greatest dependability when you invest in Milwaukee tools.

    Milwaukee tools have been mainstays in supporting workers’ livelihoods for decades, and Milwaukee technology continues to evolve to match the times. Milwaukee Tool is the country’s leader in cordless tools. That includes power tools with both brushed motors and brushless motors.

    Milwaukee is famous for its lines of M12™ 12-volt and M18™ 18-volt FUEL™ cordless tools that use REDLITHIUM® battery and brushles

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  4. 5 Auto Repair DIY Tricks

    Of all the mechanical things you use in a day, your car or truck is probably at the top of your list in terms of how much you rely on it. So, to help you take good care of your vehicle without doing damage to yourself or your wallet, we’ve made a list of handy DIY car tricks and maintenance tips.

    Just remember that your car should be, above all, safe and responsive on the road. That means none of the following DIY tricks should supersede a professional mechanic’s attention if your car is experiencing serious issues:

    • Gas cap location: Too much on your mind when you get to the gas pump or driving an unfamiliar vehicle? We’ve all been there! But instead of having to get out and locate which side your gas cap is on, you can simply look on your dashboard at your gas level indicat
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  5. When to Use Bolts Instead of Screws

    Gearing up for your next project — whether it’s building an entertainment center, shelving for your shop or a larger construction project — requires a bit of pre-planning. You have to think about what materials you’ll need and what fasteners you’ll use. Bolts and screws are two standard options, which brings us to a common question:

    When should you use bolts instead of screws?

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  6. 8 Most Useful Hand Tools

    Toilets, sinks, ceilings, walls, fixtures, home appliances and vehicles — they all need care and routine maintenance. While you can hire a plumber, contractor or mechanic to take care of them, there's an undeniable sense of fulfillment when you can handle some of these things yourself. Becoming the master of maintenance requires not only knowledge but also a set of essential hand tools to tackle the task.

    Start building yours by exploring our list of the eight most useful hand tools that everyone should have in their toolbox:

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  7. Galvanizing High-Strength Bolts

    The hot-dip galvanizing process for high strength bolts is a specific type of galvanization that results in iron and steel alloys picking up an outer coating of zinc to help make the resulting bolts and other fasteners resistant to corrosion. This is accomplished through a series of steps that involves first cleaning and pickling the workpiece in a caustic bath, then dipping it into a bath of molten zinc and finally, cooling it.

    The process seems simple enough. However, since the term “high-strength” typically indicates that bolts of this nature have been manufactured using heat tempering to meet specific strength requirements, it’s crucial that subsequent exposure to heat — like that encountered when hot-dip galvanizes — doesn’t compromise or fundamentally alter the physical characteristics of

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  8. Choosing the Best Tape or Adhesives for Your Project

    Adhesives and tapes serve a vast range of uses, from professional projects and industrial assemblies to schoolwork and DIY home crafts. Some adhesive products are meant for temporary applications while other products are indented to keep surfaces permanently bonded.

    To get anything done, though, you have to know how to choose the right tape and glue no matter which project you've got in the works.

    Things to Consider When Choosing an Adhesive or Tape

    Start with the basics. What does your project need and how do you want to go about getting the results you want?

    1. Assembly

    The best adhesive to use in a given project can all depend on the type of assembly at hand. Do you intend to work with mountings or trim attachments, or will the project involve a stiffener-to

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  9. The Best Power Tools for Woodworking | Carpentry Power Tools

    From decluttering the entrance to your home by building a custom entryway storage organizer to relaxing in your yard in your own handmade Adirondack chair, there's almost no limit to the number of projects you can tackle with the right set of woodworking power tools.

    The good news is that by carefully selecting carpentry power tools you can put to good use over and over again, you don't have to go broke in the process.

    Best Woodworking Power Tools

    • Power Drill: A standard drill and driver power drill should be at the top of every woodworker's list. To accomplish the basics in drilling holes and driving screws, you can opt for a corded drill, which can save you some money and still give you plenty of power. On the other hand, cordless drills offer you more mobility. Plus, newer cordless models are packed with equivalent power as corded ones and offer long battery life.
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  10. 5 Home Repair DIY Tricks Everyone Needs

    It’s a great feeling when you properly fix something around the house without having to call in an expert or spend a whole bunch of cash. But unless you’re a full-time tradesman, you probably don’t have the extensive collection of tools or vast know-how you’d prefer to call on during do-it-yourself home repairs. So, to help you work efficiently with the tools and experience you have, we’ve put together these indispensable DIY home repair tricks.

    Each of the following DIY tricks can come in handy during a number of household repairs. Just remember to never sacrifice your safety or the quality of your work. That way, when you’re finished, you can always be proud of the jobs you complete:

    • On the level, or not? If you’re not sure whether your level is accurate, there’s a simple
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