1. The Best Sanders for Wood and When to Use Them


    Wood sanding can be a tedious and time-consuming job for do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike. But if you want to achieve a fine finish on your woodworking projects, you need to put in the extra time and effort into proper wood sanding. Fortunately, there are excellent power tools available to make your sanding jobs quick, easy and fun. To help you overcome any sanding struggles, here is helpful information on the best electric sanders for wood and when to use them.

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  2. M18 FUEL™ QUIK-LOK™ Attachment System

    Milwaukee QUIK-LOC
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  3. How to Create the Ultimate Garage Workshop

    How to Create the Ultimate Garage Workshop

    Imagine having your garage set up precisely how you need it — and want it. All the tools you need for your favorite hobbies and most crucial projects are precisely where you expect them to be, the space is clear of clutter, you can move around freely and you can get things done quickly because your workshop has a great flow. Maybe you're a massive car enthusiast, have a green thumb or are handy with every tool in the shop. No matter what you love, you can tailor your shop to fit your passions.

    Build a place to store all your tools, gadgets, machines and vehicles. You can make your space organized and DIY-ready for any project, and also make it an ideal place to hang out and chill. Renovate your garage into a systematic zone that is practical,

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  4. Industry’s First Cordless Pipe Threader

    Milwaukee 2874-20 Cordless Pipe Threader
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  5. Cut-Resistant Gloves Buying Guide

    Cut Resistant Gloves Buying Guide

    Our hands are incredible tools that allow us to grasp, hold and manipulate all sorts of objects. Hands consist of 27 separate bones connected by a web of muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels which are covered with skin and appended with nails. Although hands are incredibly complex and strong, they are also vulnerable to injury from cuts, lacerations and punctures.

    If you're one of the countless people who make their living using their hands, then you know what valuable tools your hands are — and how important it is to protect them. For years, workers had limi

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  6. Got2Learn 50K Giveaway!

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  7. Gift Ideas Under $100

    And FREE SHIPPING On Orders Over $99 $49*

    Until Christmas

    *Some Restrictions Apply. Canada Only. Check out some great holiday gift ideas!

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  8. Milwaukee Brushless vs. FUEL Tools

    Milwaukee Brushless vs Brushed Power Tools

    When you hear the word "Milwaukee," undoubtedly you think of the rugged brand of power tools that many professional tradespeople depend upon. Milwaukee® Tool's power tools and top-quality line of accessories dominate the American residential and commercial construction market. You can expect nothing but the highest performance and greatest dependability when you invest in Milwaukee tools.

    Milwaukee tools have been mainstays in supporting workers’ livelihoods for decades, and Milwaukee technology continues to evolve to match the times. Milwaukee Tool is the country’s leader in cordless tools. That includes power tools with both brushed motors and brushless motors.

    Milwaukee is famous for its lines of M12™ 12-volt and M18™ 18-volt FUEL™ cordless tools that use REDLITHIUM® battery and brushles

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  9. 5 Auto Repair DIY Tricks

    Of all the mechanical things you use in a day, your car or truck is probably at the top of your list in terms of how much you rely on it. So, to help you take good care of your vehicle without doing damage to yourself or your wallet, we’ve made a list of handy DIY car tricks and maintenance tips.

    Just remember that your car should be, above all, safe and responsive on the road. That means none of the following DIY tricks should supersede a professional mechanic’s attention if your car is experiencing serious issues:

    • Gas cap location: Too much on your mind when you get to the gas pump or driving an unfamiliar vehicle? We’ve all been there! But instead of having to get out and locate which side your gas cap is on, you can simply look on your dashboard at your gas level indicat
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  10. When to Use Bolts Instead of Screws

    Gearing up for your next project — whether it’s building an entertainment center, shelving for your shop or a larger construction project — requires a bit of pre-planning. You have to think about what materials you’ll need and what fasteners you’ll use. Bolts and screws are two standard options, which brings us to a common question:

    When should you use bolts instead of screws?

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