1. Guide to RZ Masks

    Guide to RZ masks

    When taking on a project, such as welding, woodworking or painting, you will be exposed to various pollutants and contaminants, including dust and chemical fumes. Finding a properly fitting face mask is essential for safely finishing any of these projects. An RZ mask offers a durable, comfortable design and provides superior protection and air filtration.

    What Is an RZ Mask?

    An RZ mask is a premium air filtration mask ideal for woodworking, mowing, welding and other applications. RZ masks feature highly breathable and durable fabric construction with an adjustable metal nose clip for added comfort and protection. RZ filters can filter out 0.1-micron particulates — human hair can have a diameter as l

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  2. Wera Tools Guide

    Wera Tools Guide

    Wera Tools is a company that thrives on the constant search for new ideas. Because of their innovative mindset, their lineup of tools delivers exceptional efficiency and ease of use, along with unseen ergonomics. Wera's goal is to create tool solutions that are safer, simpler and more fun to use.

    At Construction Fasteners and Tools, our Wera inventory ranges from screwdrivers to ratchets and everything in between. Whether your application involves projects in construction, industry, manufacturing, maintenance or DIY, we are your main supplier for Wera tools and other solutions.

    What Is Wera Tools?

    Founded in 1936, Wera Tools is a global manufacturer that designs tools for power tool and manual applications. Wera strives to innovate things

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  3. Milwaukee® PACKOUT Guide

    Milwaukee Packout Guide

    Milwaukee® PACKOUTTM products are some of the most high-quality modular storage solutions on the market. These products make transporting tools and components easy on a work site, as they securely attach to one another and fit on rolling bases. If you are looking to upgrade your organizing and transportation storage capabilities, PACKOUTTM systems are the premier option available today.

    Find out more about what the PACKOUTTM line is and which features come with it. Additionally, learn more about how you can use PACKOUTTM storage solutions, how you can get more from your storage system and where you can purchase PACKOUTTM products. 

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  4. Gifts for Mechanics

    Gifts for mechanics

    Mechanics handle tough jobs every day. Whether they have a home workshop or perform mechanical work for their job, mechanics rely on high-quality gear and tools to back them up. Some of the best gifts you can get for a mechanic are tools or gear that make their job easier or keeps them more comfortable while working. Milwaukee® Heated Gear, cordless tools and PACKOUT™ Modular Storage Systems are all great gift choices, as they can provide exceptional benefits to mechanics every day.

    As you look for a gift for a mechanic in your life, check out some of the top gift choices to find one they're sure to love.

    2020 Milwaukee® Heated Gear

    As you look for a gift for a mechanic, Milwaukee® Heated Gear is almost always an exceptional choice. Heated jackets, gloves and other pieces of clothing help to keep mechanics warm whil

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  5. 2020 Milwaukee® Heated Gear

    2020 Milwaukee Heated Gear

    If you work outdoors in cold, brutal conditions, you know that your gear makes all the difference. Having the right thermal layers that trap heat is critical to protecting your core body temperature and maintaining your productivity all day long. 

    The Milwaukee Tool line of Heated Gear is trusted job apparel for construction workers, farmers and those spending winters outdoors. Now, Milwaukee® is introducing the Milwaukee® Heated WORKSKIN™ Midweight Base Layer into the 2020 Heated Gear lineup. Additionally, this year brings some exciting updates to the popular M12™ Heated Hoodies.

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  6. The Difference Between Milwaukee® FUEL™ & MX FUEL™ Tools

    For years, contractors and other professionals across Canada have been relying on Milwaukee FUEL™ power tools for exceptional performance and professional-quality results. Now, Milwaukee® has made it even easier to get the job done right with its all-new MX FUEL™ product line. Whether you need a portable and rugged solution for breaking through concrete sidewalk slabs or a durable and efficient portable light tower, MX FUEL™ tools deliver game-changing technology. 

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  7. Tool Maintenance: Cleaning, Rust Prevention & Rust Removal

    Tool maintenance and rust removal

    Rust — the enemy of tools all around the world. The substance can destroy the effectiveness of tools and cause them to break entirely. Losing tools to rust can be costly and potentially dangerous if a rusty tool breaks while in use. Instead of discarding rusty tools, you can save money by learning how to remove rust properly and prevent it from forming in the first place. In addition to preventing rust, proper cleaning and storage can keep your tools working longer and reduce the costs of replacing them.

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  8. How to Hang Drywall: A Beginner's Guide

    How to Hang Drywall: A Beginner's Guide

    Even though you can get help from an expert, hanging drywall is simple enough to do yourself. It's an inexpensive material to work with, and if you make a mistake, you can quickly fix it. To do the job right, you're going to need some tools and materials besides the drywall itself. Follow this drywall installation guide and learn some tips from the pros to make your room addition or renovation a success.

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  9. 28 Tools to Remove and Install a Carpet

    28 Tools to Remove and Install a Carpet
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  10. A Beginner's Guide to Installing Cement Board

    A Beginner's Guide to Installing Cement Board
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