Milwaukee 2018 12.0AH And GEN III Product Launch

We're excited to announce the next breakthrough in M18 FUEL™. These new solutions are a testament to our dedication of delivering productivity-enhancing solutions that provide the right blend of power, run-time and performance. True to all M18 FUEL™ solutions, each of these tools combine three exclusive innovations – the POWERSTATE™ brushless motor, REDLITHIUM™ battery pack, and REDLINK PLUS™ intelligence - all specifically re-designed to reach a new level of power and performance never seen on an 18V platform.

16" Chainsaw

The Milwaukee® 2727-21HD M18 FUEL™ 16" Chainsaw delivers the power to cut hardwoods, cuts faster than gas, and delivers up to 150 cuts per charge. The unit is designed to meet the performance, durability and ergonomic needs of professional landscape maintenance, power utility, and the installed M18 user.

7-1/4" Circ Saw

Designed for the carpenter, remodeler and general contractor, the Milwaukee 2732-21HD M18 FUEL™ 7-1/4” Circular Saw from Milwaukee® delivers the power of a 15A corded saw, cuts faster than a 15A corded saw and gives users up to 750 cuts per charge.

8-1/4" Table Saw

The Milwaukee® 2736-21HD M18 FUEL™ 8-1/4” Table Saw w/ One-Key™ generates the power of a 15A Corded Saw, 24-1/2” of Rip Capacity and Up to 600 linear Feet of cutting per charge. Designed for the professional carpenter, remodeler and general contractor, the Milwaukee(R) M18 FUEL™ 8-1/4” Table Saw w/ One-Key™ is optimized for power, portability and productivity.


The Milwaukee 2722-21HD SUPER SAWZALL® Reciprocating Saw® delivers the power of a 15A Corded reciprocating saw, Faster Cuts than 15A reciprocating saws; and delivers Up To 150 Cuts in 2x12 SPF per charge. Designed to perform in the toughest applications, the M18™ FUEL SUPER SAWZALL® combines Milwaukee's legendary performance and durability with the portability of the M18 platform.


The M18™ REDLITHIUM™ HIGH OUTPUT™ HD12.0 Battery Pack provides 50% more power and runs 50% cooler vs M18™ REDLITHIUM™ HD9.0 battery packs, allowing tradesmen to push their cordless tools harder and longer than ever before. The massive increase in power elevates the performance of the entire M18™ system and drives the next breakthrough in M18 FUEL™, delivering the power of 15A corded product. The REDLITHIUM™ HIGH OUTPUT™ HD12.0 battery is fully compatible with 150+ M18™ solutions.*

All New Products Launched

Other New Products From Milwaukee

Milwaukee has had many major milestones since launching the overall M18 platform in 2008 and FUEL in 2012. Milwaukee has led the industry in both durability and performance by developing products that not only deliver world leading technology and unparalleled levels of performance and productivity to the user, but can even change the way jobs will be completed in the future.

Milwaukee’s overall commitment to the users is unprecedented, as we continue to evolve the M18 platform by driving breakthrough advancements in motors, batteries and electronics. This product launch is nothing short of a Breakthrough.

Milwaukee has launched a major breakthrough in not only the M18 FUEL platform, but within the industry overall. Milwaukee is completely shattering cordless expectations with the introduction of five tools with a 12.0AH battery, and the GEN 3 FUEL Kit with (2) 5.0AH batteries. This breakthrough exceeds what’s possible on high-voltage or multi-battery tools and truly replaces corded tools with 15A corded power.

With the addition of these new tools to the M18 FUEL System, Milwaukee offers a fully compatible line of battery solutions for the best performance at all levels to meet specific user needs. Milwaukee always keeps the user in mind. We continue to innovate, evolve, and breakthrough current expectations of our tools. It is an expectation within Milwaukee to constantly push boundaries of what our tools can do, all while never forcing our users to change their platform in order to keep up with our breakthrough innovations.