UNIBURR in Canada, Deburring External Chamfer Tool Bit

Simple. Fast. Safe.

  • Simple and compact. Uniburr can fit in your tool box, pouch, or pocket if you really wanted too. Just stick it in your drill and you are good to go.
  • Faster. Save a ridiculous amount of time and money by not having to find and or replace expensive fasteners. Especially if they are hard to reach.
  • Safer. Watch the video below. No cuts. No Sparks. No Burns. Lets you work faster, smarter, and safer.

Quickly Measure Value With Time Saved.

uniburr-step-1-300x168Broken Thread. Unable to attach nut.

uniburr-step-2-300x168Repair with UNIBURR

uniburr-step-3-300x168Ready to go in light speed.


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