Milwaukee 2890-20, M18 Jobsite Radio

CF Product Code: MIL289020

Manufacturer Part Number: 2890-20

UPC: 045242364244

Loud, Clear Sound. Built for work. Dual 3" speakers. Shock absorbing end caps.

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Product Details For Milwaukee 2890-20

Product Description

  • High Performance Audio System
    • Dual 3” Speakers with Passive Radiators: Deliver full-spectrum audio clarity through  mid and high ranges with deep, accurate lows
    • Customizable EQ

  • Durable, Portable, Stackable Design
    • Shock Absorbing Polymer End Caps & Metal Speaker Grills: Protect from drops, water, and debris on the jobsite
    • Integrated Handles: Allow easy transport and storage
    • Weather Sealed Auxiliary Compartment

  • Highest Reception Accuracy and Signal Quality
    • Digital AM/FM Processor
    • 10 Station Presets (5 AM/5 FM)
  • 2.1A USB Charger
    • Charges tables, smartphones and other electric devices


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the 2890-20 charge batteries?
A: No. Similar to the 2790-20, the radio does not charge battery packs. We will continue to offer the 2792-20 M18™ Radio Charger with this feature.

Q: Will Milwaukee continue to offer the 2790-20?
A: No. The 2790-20 will be discontinued

Q: What batteries will the new M18 Jobsite Radio accept?
A: The 2890-20 will only accept M18 Batteries

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Shipping Info

Weight: 11.66 lbs

Length: 16.73 in.

Width: 8.23 in.

Height: 8.23 in.