Milwaukee 2278-20, M12 12:1 Infrared Temp-Gun

CF Product Code: MIL227820

Manufacturer Part Number: 2278-20

UPC: 045242345472

The Milwaukee® Infrared Temp-Gun™ delivers the clearest screen and faster scanning. 12:1 distance-to-spot ratio measures a 1 ft. spot from 12 ft. way.

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Product Description

The Milwaukee® Infrared Temp-Gun™ delivers the clearest screen and faster scanning. With stunning readability indoor & outdoor, this infrared temp-gun provides easier readings for professional, residential, commercial and industrial users in any environment. Simple High/Low alert setup makes scanning easier and faster. With a 7-point reinforced frame, fully bumpered nose, and shielded LCD, the Milwaukee® Infrared Temp-Gun™ survives 6ft drops for superior durability.

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  • Measures surface temperatures -22⁰F to 1022⁰F for use in a variety of applications
  • 12:1 distance-to-spot ratio measures a 1 ft. spot from 12 ft. way
  • Premium LCD display for clear readings
  • User-configurable High/Low Temperature Alert
  • Fully bumpered nose, shielded LCD Survives 6' ft drops
  • Hold, Max, Min, Avg, Diff Modes
  • Clear button functions, easy setup Overmolded grip for easy handling
  • 0.95 Fixed Emissivity


Distance to Spot Ratio 12:1
Temperature Range -22⁰F to 1022⁰F
Basic Accuracy +/- 1.8%
Repeatability +/-.08%
Display Resolution 0.1° F (0.1° C)
Emissivity Fixed, 0.97
Alarm (HI/LO) Yes
Trigger Lock Yes
Rubber Over-molding Yes
Storage Temperature -4⁰F to 140⁰F
Battery Type M12™, 12V Lithium-Ion
Battery Life Greater than 45hrs (All Functions)
Weight 9.6 oz
Tool Warranty 5 Years


  • (1) M12™ 12:1 Infrared Temp-Gun™ (2278-20)
  • (1) Manual


Q: Is the laser what takes the measurement?
A: No, the laser is just a visual aid to help users understand where the sensor is pointed.

Q: Does the accuracy of the tool change over distance?
A: No accuracy stays the same. What contributes to a change of temperature at different distances is the change in size of the spot being measured. At longer distances the tool is measuring the average temperature over a larger surface than when used at close range.

Q: Do I need to calibrate my tool at some point?
A: The tool comes calibrated during the manufacturing process. While the tool can stay calibrated indefinitely it is recommended for those requiring up-to-date calibration documentation to calibrate the tool every year.

Q: Why is it that some materials feel hotter or colder than others but read the same temperatures?
A: Some materials conduct heat better than others. Steel has high conductivity. When you touch steel heat flows quickly from your finger to the metal making your skin rapidly cool off and feel cold. Wood on the other hand is a poor heat conductor (better insulator) and blocks the flow of heat from your hand making your skin not cool off and making the wood feel warmer than the steel even though they are both at room temperature.

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Weight: 1.12 lbs

Length: 6.89 in.

Width: 9.06 in.

Height: 2.56 in.