Lackmond BP7, BEAST PRO Hard Porcelain Tile Blade - 7"

CF Product Code: LACBP7

Manufacturer Part Number: BP7

Designed to cut porcelain, marble, granite and ceramic tiles. The thin kerf cutting edge allows for a clean, fast cut with virtually no chipping.

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Product Details For Lackmond BP7

Product Description

The Beast porcelain tile blades were developed alongside one of America's leading porcelain manufacturers and incorporates the most advanced blade manufacturing technology available. Our number one focus is providing a blade that performs in the most critically hard porcelains available without chipping the finished edge. The end result is a fast cutting porcelain blade capable of working in every porcelain application you may encounter in the field.

Our BP series is developed to perform in critically hard porcelains (500lb - 1,000lb break strength tiles). The thin kerf cutting edge ensures clean, fast cutting while minimizing chipping. A reinforced, silent core hub design ensures straight cuts and greatly reduces noise Interruptions spaced evenly across rim to reduce vibration and aid in cooling. This is by far the best porcelain diamond blade on the market.


  • Reinforced Silent Core hub design provides excellent reinforcement to the thin kerf cutting edge and ensures straight cuts while greatly reducing noise.
  • Thin kerf diamond cutting edge ensures clean and fast cutting while minimizing chipping in the hardest porcelain materials.
  • Interruptions spaced evenly across rim to reduce vibration and aid in cooling, leading to chip-free cutting and the most technilogically advanced diamond blade in the industry.
  • Fast, clean cut
  • Long life
  • Use wet
Wet / Dry 4" - 5" : Wet / Dry
7"+ : Wet
Application Porcelain Tile, Ceramic Tile, Marble, Granite
Equipment Tile Saw, Hand Saw, Hand Grinder
Configuration Continuous Rim

Filters / Attributes

Arbor: 5/8"
Diameter: 7"
Kerf: .055
Rim Height: 7mm

Shipping Info

Weight: 1.25 lbs

Length: 7 in.

Width: 0.09 in.

Height: 7 in.