Fiber-Metal 906, Tigerhood Classic 906 Black Thermoplastic Helmet Assembly

CF Product Code: FBR906GYCSA

Manufacturer Part Number: 906

Molded-in glassholder, telescoping lid provides a seal against light leak.

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Product Description


Tigerhood™ Classic contains the features that make lightweight thermo-plastic welding helmets popular with today’s welders. What makes it stand out is its performance and comfort enhancing extras that help welders produce more with fewer injuries. Molded from Noryl,® job proven superior in welding related performance characteristics, Tigerhood™ Classic isthe workhorse of thermoplastic helmets. It maintains its high performance level across a wide spectrum of welding processes and working conditions. Tigerhood™ Classic has a high welder satisfaction rating because it helps welders do their job better. When welders do their job better – you gain a productivity edge.


Tigerhood™ Classic’s unique design provides extended throat protection while blocking fumes and smoke from the face. Size and shape allows air to circulate, to help clear any smoke and fumes that seep in.

(If hazardous fumes are present, appropriate respirators must be worn.)


Molded-in colors eliminate chipping, peeling and fading. Smooth, seamless shell deflects sparks and spatter reducing the risk of burn through. Silver coating exceeds standards for abrasion, adhesion, wear and weathering and deflects heat to lower the temperature for welder comfort. Available in black, gray, and blue. Can be imprinted. All models complete with shade 10 filter lens installed.


Tigerhood™ Classic sets the standard for comfort. Its exclusive 3C, free floating headgear with multiple wearing adjustments; and its ability to comfortably accommodate protective spectacles and respirators, improves welders quality of work life. Comfortable welders have less downtime and produce more each working day. Available with shade 10 filter plate installed.

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Shipping Info

Weight: 1.81 lbs

Length: 13.875 in.

Width: 10 in.

Height: 9 in.