Fein FMM 350 QSL, Multimaster Top Kit

CF Product Code: FNTFMM350QSLTOP

Manufacturer Part Number: FMM 350 QSL

UPC: 4014586884608

For more powerful, quieter and almost vibration-free work - outstanding performance and versatility!
Powerful and universal system for interior work and renovation.

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Product Details For Fein FMM 350 QSL

Product Description

  • Up to 35% more power for even better work progress
  • Up to 50% less operating noise
  • Up to 70% less vibration for precise and safe work


  • Made in Germany.
  • Performance you won't find elsewhere in this class.
  • Completely new design with numerous benefits for everyday use.
  • A wide range of accessories that covers every requirement.
  • Tool and accessories designed to work together for optimal performance.
  • Powerful 350 W motor for optimum work progress.
  • Variable electronic speed control.
  • Low weight and small handle size for optimum handling.
  • Tool-free QuickIN quick-clamping system for easy accessory changes.


  • For the DIT handyman or the pro.
  • Plunge cutting, precision cutting, sawing, sanding, polishing, scraping, cleaning, filing, and more.
  • For flooring installations and repairs, plumbing & electrical installations, window repair and renovation, woodwork, cabinetry, car repair, boat maintenance and repairs, hobby work, and much more.

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Shipping Info

Weight: 10.18 lbs

Length: 18.75 in.

Width: 12.25 in.

Height: 5.25 in.