Bosch HCFC2061, 3/8" x 6" SDS-plus Bulldog Xtreme Rotary Hammer Bit

CF Product Code: BSAHCFC2061

Manufacturer Part Number: HCFC2061

4X life in rebar and 40% more life in concrete than competitive full-head carbide bits. No jamming when hitting rebar.

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Product Details For Bosch HCFC2061

Product Description

Optimized for heavy-duty roatary hammers. Less carbide wear than two cutter means end user is more productive with each bit.


  • Diffusion bonding technology provides stronger carbide bond for the longest-lasting bit
  • 4X life in all concrete types and concrete with rebar
  • Wear mark assures hole diameter tolerance for anchoring applications
  • Centric conical tip results in precise hole diameters


Useable Length4"
Overall Length 

Filters / Attributes

Diameter: 3/8"
Overall Length: 6"
Useable Length: 4"

Shipping Info

Weight: 0.1 lbs

Length: 6.5 in.

Width: 0.375 in.

Height: 0.375 in.