Bosch GOL26, 26X Automatic Optical Level

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Manufacturer Part Number: GOL26

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Product Description

GOL26 Automatic Optical Level
Self Leveling Compensator with Transport Lock which protects pendulum in carrying case against damage and loss of calibration
Both Horizontal & Vertical Crosshairs & Stadia Lines - Measures level, alignment & estimates distance
Solid Metal Base with Three Precision Leveling Screws - Provides stability in all weather for precision leveling
Horizontal Circle Graduation for determining angles in 1-degree increments with fine-motion knob
Large Aperture - Allows more light for a sharper image
26x-Power Lens for excellent magnification
Circular Bubble Vial with 90-Degree Mirror for easy and fast set-up

GOL26 Automatic Optical Level
Accuracy: Up to ±1/16-in @ 100-ft
Length: 3.25
Leveling Type: Magnetically Dampened Compensator
Range: Up to 330-ft.
Includes: Automatic Optical LevelPlumb BobCaseTool Kit

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Weight: 5.906 lbs

Length: 12.75 in.

Width: 8 in.

Height: 8.125 in.