Bosch GLR225, Laser Distance Measurer

CF Product Code: BSTGLR225

Manufacturer Part Number: GLR225

Measures distance up to 225 ft. with up to 1/16 In. accuracy. Seven measurement modes, Four measuring reference points, and Multi-surface area mode.

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Product Description


  • Measures distance up to 225 ft. with up to 1/16 In. accuracy
  • Seven measurement modes for maximum versatility - length, area, volume, continuous minimum, continuous maximum, indirect length and multi-surface area measurements
  • Four measuring reference points - back, front, swing-out extension pin for measuring from inside corners or channels, or center for use with optional tripod
  • Multi-surface area mode - calculates the total area of several individual surfaces with a common length or height
  • Min/max. measurement mode - for accurate measurement to the shortest/ longest distance from a fixed reference point
  • Indirect length measurement mode - calculate inaccessible distances that cannot be measured directly (due to obstruction or lack of reflecting surface)
  • Built-in bubble vial - provides visual reference when measuring horizontal distances
  • Four measurement systems - inches, feet and inches, decimal feet and metric
  • Length, area and volume measuring capability
  • Precision laser measuring technology - laser beam does both pointing and measuring


  • (1) - Belt Pouch
  • (1) - Hand Strap
  • (4) - AAA Batteries

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Weight: 0.904 lbs

Length: 7.75 in.

Width: 7.25 in.

Height: 2 in.